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Welcome to Visual Art Source (VAS). As a subscriber (free of charge) you will receive the VAS eNewsletter, The Democracy Chain (TDC) eJournal, and announcements featuring art gallery and museum exhibitions around the Western United States.

Online you will find our archive of published articles--reviews and columns by top art writers in the region--and a guide to galleries and museums. The guide is selective ... that is still over 1,000 venues. Visual Art is a Big Deal because it speculates on what is possible, what can only be imagined. It can look awesome, or downright ugly. It can feed your mind and play with your head. Whether it's great or more ordinary, art will change your life by stretching your perspective. Stick around awhile and you'll see what we mean.

VAS and TDC form a non-profit, 501c3 organization whose mission is to stimulate an open discourse about art, culture, politics and society from the perspective of professional art critics and artists. Please consider making a one-time or regular monthly donation. It's easy and it's tax deductible, just click the Donate button.

TDC/VAS is registered as a non-profit corporation in the State of California. Our 501c3 status has been filed and is currently pending approval by the IRS.

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